Everything You Need To Know About Charter Bus Service

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Taking a trip on a charter bus can be a lot of fun. While making a reservation may appear intimidating initially, it isn’t that complicated. It’s possible to have fun and learn something along the way. You likely have many questions if you’ve never rented a charter bus before and need to know more about them.

Finding a good Bus Rental in Central Jersey or any other place is not so difficult now, as Falcon Tour Travel offers the most premium charter buses at the best possible rates. 

What Is A Charter Bus?

If you need to carry a sizable number of people, consider hiring a charter bus rental. Charter buses are popular due to the following five advantages. The five main ones are ease of use, security, cost-effectiveness, luxury, and reduced environmental impact.

Charter bus rentalIs It Safe To Take A Charter Bus?

Charter bus services are commonly regarded as some of the most hygienic and secure in the industry. When the coronavirus was discovered, charter bus firms increased their rigorous cleaning processes. Likewise, passengers can aid in the prevention of potential dangers with the help of established protocols.

It would be best never to take flammables, explosives, or firearms on a charter bus excursion. Charter bus companies explain their rules on prohibited items, so you can feel free to ask specific inquiries. 

Where Can A Charter Bus Take You?

Most charter bus services are authorized to travel to any destination. This opens up a wide range of potential destinations for your travels. As long as you book the bus in advance, you can usually use it for as long as needed. Drivers must adhere to “hours of service” regulations, limiting their time on the road at once.

What Is The Charter Bus Rental Fee?

Several factors go into determining the final cost of a charter bus trip. An element is its capacity. The price may increase if you opt for a more luxurious bus. The cost of renting a charter bus rental nyc may change depending on factors such as the trip’s duration, the cost of gas, and the season. Good charter companies will provide no-cost, no-obligation quotes upon request. 

For any more inquiries regarding your group trip, the staff at Falcon Tour Travel is available 24/7. We can help you find the perfect charter bus for your trip..

Charter Bus RentalCan You Bring Food And Drink On The Bus?

Most charter services allow passengers to bring their food and beverages. What can and cannot be served is determined by the chartering company. All passengers must dispose of their rubbish in the appropriate bins and pick up any litter they may have created. Your party will be responsible for cleaning costs if any spills or garbage are left behind. A trash can is often located near the entrance at the front of the bus. However, you should carry your garbage bag if there is no trash can.

So, if you are looking to get a luxurious charter bus to rent, contact Falcon Tour Travel.

The Charter Bus Booking In NYC

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Charter buses for hire in NYC are common. They get you covered with their services whether you’re a high school football coach looking to rent a bus, a business manager planning transportation for an office holiday party, or a group of friends and family touring around.

Most individuals only consider hiring a charter bus company once they need one. Reserving transportation for a large group involves more steps than renting a car. Planning will be more hassle when you have fifty individuals to look out for instead of five.

So if you are looking for charter buses for rent in NYC, you can hire our services without any doubts. We’ve compiled the following guide to aid you in your charter bus rental experience.

The Fundamentals Of Charter Bus Service

Let’s start with the fundamentals and learn from there.

charter bus rental nycFigure Out If You Need A Charter Bus

Although not the best choice for smaller groups, charter bus rentals can conveniently transport a dozen or more people.

The number of persons in your party is the determining factor in deciding whether to hire a charter bus rental nyc or not. Booking a bus is your best choice if you need quick, hassle-free transportation with a large group.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Charter Bus?

The cost of renting a charter bus cannot be predicted precisely. The rate you receive from Falcon Tour Travel is tailored to your specific trip plans. Getting an estimate for your bus fare is as simple as calling our reservation professionals and providing the necessary details about your trip.

You will be charged depending on your location of the visit and stay. Renting a bus may appear expensive initially, but when going with a large company, you may easily divide the total cost to reduce the cost per person. You can call for a tailored quotation, but make sure you have the group size and any pertinent travel details available.

charter bus rental nycAll Falcon Tour Travel quotes are conveniently sent to the passengers via email. Once you’ve paid your deposit, you can call or email your reservation expert if you have any questions or need to make changes. Once you’ve paid for everything, they will check in with you the week before your trip to confirm where you’ll be picked up and dropped off.

Get in touch with Falcon Tour Travel now, and book a charter bus as per your convenience. 

How To Evaluate Limousine Rental Services

In theory, you may select from various limousine rental services, including corporate transportation and weddings. When you prioritize quality, the number of options dwindles to a few.

If you want to ride in style, here are four tips for choosing the limousine service.

Check The Quality Of The Fleet

One of the key factors to consider when choosing a limousine company is its fleet. Make sure they have vehicles that will fit your requirements. Whether you require a standard limo or a vintage one, make sure it satisfies your criteria for condition and cleanliness.

Ask About Their Chauffeurs

When you’re entrusting someone to drive you around, you want to be sure they are experienced and professional. Ask the company about their hiring process for chauffeurs. Do they conduct background checks? How much experience do their drivers have? You certainly don’t want an unqualified or amateur driver taking over the wheel.

limousine serviceAsk About The Company’s Licensing And Insurance

All legitimate limousine rental companies should be appropriately licensed and insured. Inquire about their insurance documentation and make sure it is current. To avoid being liable in the event of an accident, check if the company is licensed by the state they’re operating in.

Determine The Reason, Type, And How Long You Will Need Transportation Ahead Of Time

Consider whether you’ll employ the vehicle for business or pleasure when selecting a limousine service Near me. Are you transporting potential clients or sending your daughter off to her prom? For certain events, some limousine firms provide both short-term and long-term rentals.

Be sure to book your rental well, especially if you require transportation for a special occasion. Proms and weddings are occasions where limousines are often in high demand. Last-minute rentals may be available, but they’ll likely come at a premium price.

Ask About Value-Added Services

Hummer limo rental services differ from one to another, but most of them provide a variety of value-added features. Each vehicle’s facilities are just one aspect to consider; additional driver services, such as tour guides or medical transportation, are also available. It’s essential to consider the possible services that may be provided when hosting a special occasion or treating high-ranking guests and clients.

Reviews Are Reliable And Valid

Safety is the most crucial consideration when selecting a limousine service. Ensure that their fleet vehicles are well-maintained and that their drivers have comprehensive background checks.

A little research goes a long way–look at online reviews (keeping in mind that it’s normal for businesses to receive the occasional negative review). But if most reviews are poor, take that as a severe cautionary sign.

limousine serviceFlexibility And Customer Service

When you book a limousine, you should feel like a VIP. This means that the company should be willing to work with you to ensure that all of your needs are met. If you have any special requests, ask if they can accommodate you.

Additionally, pay attention to how the company treats you during the booking process. If they are rude or unprofessional, it’s a good indication that they will not treat you well when you use their services.

Final Words

When choosing the best limo rentals, it is essential to consider the company’s reputation, a fleet of vehicles, and customer service. Falcon Tour Travel has been in business for years and offers a wide variety of luxury vehicles.

We can provide you with the ideal limousine for your next occasion. Our customer service staff is here to assist you with your reservation or answer any questions you may have.

We’re sure we can locate the right limousine rental for your event, and we’d love to discuss it further with you. If you want to hear more about what we can do for you, please give us a call or explore our website.

Next Time You Plan An Event, Why Not Consider Hiring A Bus

Do you want to organize an event but aren’t sure how to transport everyone there? If that’s the case, a chartered bus may be precisely what you need! Charter buses for hire are fantastic for transporting many people and provide several advantages. Here are 6 reasons why hiring a charter bus for your next celebration would be beneficial:

More Convenient

Organizing group transportation can be a headache, but by booking a charter bus rental, the hassle is minimized. The bus company will take care of the rest, including the route, parking, and traffic. This means you can relax and enjoy your event without worrying about anything.

Charter buses take the stress out of travel, so you can enjoy the event. With no need to worry about driving or parking, charter bus travel is a convenient alternative.

charter busArrive Together, Leave Together

When everyone arrives at the event on the same bus, it’s easier to stay together and return home as a group. This is crucial for corporate events where employees may be unfamiliar with each other. Tour bus rental costs aren’t that much either, though the advantages are many.

Reduced Stress

People who ride on a charter bus rather than their own vehicles will no longer be concerned or stressed about driving in traffic or looking for parking. They’ll be able to enjoy the event to its maximum potential this way!

Increased Safety

Charter buses are a secure way to get your staff where they need to go. You can be confident that a professional driver will transport them in an appropriate vehicle. Furthermore, when you’re having fun and relaxing your guard down, you’re less likely to become the victim of a crime when you have a dependable, safe mode of transportation.


Charter buses rental prices are typically more affordable than hiring several taxis or renting cars because the price per person is lower when multiple people split the cost of the charter. The rental also includes the driver and fuel, so you don’t have to worry about those extra costs.

Charter bus rentalTeam Bonding

So you’ve planned an entire company event for your workers, which is fantastic. Now they can get together and bond outside of the workplace for a while. Getting to know your team is an excellent method to develop trust and collaboration. There’s nothing quite like traveling on a charter bus rentals with your group.

With affordable charter bus rental pricing, you provide your team with more convenience and security while reducing stress and fostering team bonding. Isn’t it wonderful?

Select The Perfect Corporate Charter Bus For Your Upcoming Event!

Transportation might be a significant problem when organizing an event. You may let go of the details with a corporate charter bus and relax. We’ll ensure your group gets where they need to be – safely and swiftly.

USA charter buses can be the perfect option if you’re looking for an affordable, convenient, and comfortable way to transport your group to your next event.

At Falcon Tour Travel, we offer a variety of buses that can accommodate groups of all sizes. We also provide several amenities that will make your trip more enjoyable, such as Wi-Fi and power outlets. Visit our website or contact us today for more information about our services.

We would love to help you make your event a success!

Why You Should Hire A Party Bus For Your Next Event

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Looking to have all the fun you can on the way to an event? Well, a party bus is a perfect fix for you in this case! They not only allow you to take the party on the road but also allow you to entertain a bunch of people at the same time. Many people avail party bus rental in New York in hopes to have a night that is memorable and enjoyable.

So, if you have an event coming up, such as a prom, wedding, or bachelorette party, rent out a party bus from Falcon Tour Travel. You will have a celebration in style while also remaining safe.

Here are some additional benefits of renting out a party bus for your next big event.

party bus rental1.    The Party Doesn’t Stop

Why stop the enjoyment and the night? You can listen to songs, do karaoke, have fun, and drink while chartering an NYC party bus. Renting a party bus guarantees that the good times never have to end, whether for corporate gatherings or bachelor and bachelorette parties.

You may pass the time by simply having an excellent time with your friends, coworkers, or family. Additionally, the majority of party buses are equipped with amenities like sound systems, big-screen TVs, and ambient lighting.

2.    You Have A Designated Driver

You don’t have to worry about assigning a designated driver for the duration of your trip. With a professional NYC party bus, you will already have a driver who will take you to the location. This means that everyone at the party can relax and have a fun time.

For most New Yorkers, having a fun time means chilling with friends and having a drink or two. So, you can do that without worrying about who’s going to drive you to and from the location. You will have a driver backing you up in your adventure at all times!

3.    Hit All The Hot Spots

During the celebration, are you planning to visit various different locations? No issue. Just note down all the places you want to visit and hand it to your driver.

Your driver will be familiar with all of the nightlife options the city has to offer. Traveling to your favorite places in luxury and comfort will make you feel like a true VIP. Even if you intend to visit the busiest nightclubs, pubs, or music venues, you won’t ever have to worry about traffic or parking.

party bus rental4.    You Can Bring Many People

Party bus rental in NYC is a great option for when you have a party of many people. There are only so many people who can fit in a cab. This is where the party bus comes in. You can have a party of around 50 people and easily fit them in one of our larger buses.

Our average party bus can fit around 20 to 30 people without having to cram into one place. This makes it a perfect choice for corporate events and other casual party events you may want to host.

So, if you are looking to rent a party bus in NYC, give us a call and we’ll send one your way. You can easily find out the Party bus rental New Jersey by reaching out to us via call or message. Our customer support staff is always available to provide you with any kind of information you may require. So check out our fleet and book your party bus now!

Tips For Booking A Party Bus For Prom Night

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All high school students should make the most of Prom, the most unique and memorable experience. This special evening honors the completion of high school along with all the friendships you developed during this time. Despite the fact that the majority of high schoolers spend their time considering the gowns or suits they want to wear to prom, arranging transportation should also be a top concern.

Nobody wants their parents to pick them up from the dance party or drop them off. Therefore, choosing to rent a limo or party bus in San Diego can guarantee that you show up at your party on time.

party bus rentalThere are a lot of benefits to opting for a limo or party bus. First, you will arrive at the party in style. It will also make for an amazing backdrop for your fancy prom pictures. Plus, splurging on a fancy vehicle will ensure that you have the time of your life and have a memorable experience that will last forever.

But before you book a party bus or limo rental near me, there are a couple of things you should be aware of. Here are three tips for when you go to book a party bus.

1.    Don’t Book The Transportation In The Last Second

To anyone wishing to reserve chauffeured transport for any occasion, not just for prom, our first piece of advice is to do it in advance. To give the transportation provider enough time to create the highest level of service for you, it is recommended to make the booking a few weeks or even months before prom night. This will also ensure that you have the best vehicle at your service because you will be one of the first people to rent a party bus or limo for that day.

2.    Pick Something Memorable

Since prom is an extremely special event, you should cherish every second of it. This includes opting for an event transportation service. Compare taking a ride from an elder sibling or parent to taking a party bus to your prom. The latter would be a fun-filled ride with you and your friends celebrating and enjoying while playing your favorite music tunes.

party bus3.    Proper Time Management Is Essential

You are guaranteed punctual, safe transportation to the event in a luxury vehicle when you decide to reserve a chauffeured ride for your prom night. The service is, however, only offered for a brief period of time. Our recommendation is to discuss your options with your companion or friends in advance. Do you want to take everybody on a “victory tour” of the city in the limousine services or party bus? If so, be sure to let the transportation provider know when booking your reservation so they can let the experienced driver know the place and how much time you need.

Now, if you want to find out party bus rental nyc prices and make a reservation for it, get in touch with Falcon Tour Travel. We will help you secure fancy transportation for your ride to the event and will ensure that you arrive in complete style. So, give us a call now and book your ride to the prom!

How To Throw A Lively Bachelorette Party For Your Friend!

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As a social person, you often have the obligation to plan certain events when a friend is getting married. These events include a fantastic bachelorette party for her. Planning may not entirely be an issue when you have the budget but you run the risk of throwing that run-of-the-mill bachelorette party that is being seen everywhere. So, how do you make it unique and lively in a way that your friend enjoys it and never forgets about it?

Here are some ways you can instantly liven up your friend’s bachelorette party and make her day.

Party Bus rental for 50 passengers or 50 person1.    Splurge On A Fancy Ride

Make your friend shine at her bachelorette party by splurging on a fancy ride. You can easily reach out to a party bus rental in New Jersey and make your friend feel like a celebrity. You will have a party bus at your service with just one call with all the amenities. You will have plenty of seating, music, drinks, and a bunch of other stuff. So, you can be assured that each and every person at the bachelorette party, especially the bride, will have fun and remember this experience forever.

You can simply give a call to Flacon Tour Travel and rent out a party bus or even a limousine rental new york to make the bride travel in style.

2.    Level Up On The Decoration

Put extra attention into the decor, whether you’re having the group over at a person’s house or a hotel. This will help make the bride feel extremely special. Plus, you will have fantastic photo opportunities. All of this shows the bride how you gave her bachelorette party careful thinking.

Go all-out with tacos, tequila, and a fiesta theme. Pick a tried-and-true classic theme, or draw inspiration from the local cultural activities in order to embrace your surroundings and develop your own theme. This provides everyone a reason to dress up a little extra for the event!

3.    Pamper The Bride With A Spa Appointment

There is nothing better than a girl’s day at the spa. So, if you believe a full morning of pampering is something your friend would enjoy, get the appointment booked. Take the whole party and spend down time with the bride and have her enjoy a full day of massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures. Plus, you can go all out by further customizing the experience and monogramming the bridal party’s robes. Your friend is guaranteed to love this experience.

party bus rental4.    Be Extra With The Night Out Attire

Now comes the night time and we know what that means. Going out with the bride’s girlfriends and hitting the hottest clubs in the city. Here you and the bridal party can let their hair down and go wild with your outfits and, of course, dance. Make sure you make your bride shine and party your hearts out.

Additionally, to take things a step further, you can rent a party bus in NJ and ride that to the club. This will ensure that you have fun while you go to and from the club.

So, give us a call now and rent NJ party buses for special events now. We assure you that you and your guests are guaranteed to have a good and memorable time. So, take a look at our fleet and the events we cater to, and book your party bus now!